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Classes at Preschool

Ms. Libby has different ways to get her music class! Daycare owners hire Ms. Libby to teach music on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. She also teaches Mommy and Me and Group Lessons held at Stonebridge Community Church in O’Fallon, Missouri.

At schools, Ms. Libby divides her classes into age-appropriate categories so that she can tailor each music class to fit the child's specific age group. Toddlers are learning different concepts than 5-year-olds, and babies have a very different schedule from even the toddlers. Kids' aptitude for certain concepts and attention span varies quite a bit between these early years, so it shouldn't be a one-size-fits-all class!

Infant Music Class

Class Details

15-Minute Class at School

Ms. Libby loves music with the sweet babies! At school, babies who get music class enjoy all of the benefits of sensory learning. Ms. Libby will play guitar and sing to your baby. Using scarves, first instruments, and puppets, your baby will discover all kinds of new concepts including colors, dimensions (high, low, etc.), feelings, and tempo.

Studies have shown that singing to babies (and music in general) stimulates brain growth*. When he or she is ready to hold a shaker or pat a drum, they can make music, too!

Older babies will engage in music and movement through a variety of fun songs that encourage gross motor development and get them wiggling. Silly puppets also sing and give baby hugs to bring out more smiles and giggles and encourage social interaction. Babies love music time!

*Source: Brain Development in Childhood by F.E. Bloom, M.F. Beal, and D.J. Kupfer.

Toddler Music Class

Class Details

20-Minute Class at School

Classes with the toddlers are similar whether they are at school or with Mommy at Ms. Libby's studio. It begins with the Music [email protected], and Ms. Libby will sing nursery rhymes while playing the guitar to your little one as they learn finger-plays. Then it's time to get the wiggles out while the tots learn about concepts like spatial awareness (hands up high, touch your nose, etc.) and feelings.

Using beginner music games, we introduce colors, shapes, and the first steps of music theory. We will also explore feelings and expressions as the toddlers are getting to know themselves. Your sweet child will be moving and grooving with Ms. Libby – learning has never been so fun!

Preschool Class

Class Details

Ages 3 to 4 Years Old

30-Minute Class

Ms. Libby and the kiddos start by singing well-known songs together with the guitar. Then it's dance time! Educational dance songs help friends to learn about concepts like rhythm vs. melody and gross motor skills. After dancing, Ms. Libby will lead any number of musical games that teach concepts such as letters, numbers, or playing instruments.

Class ends with a musical book or a calming activity. Kids love music class!

Pre-Kindergarten Class

Class Details

For Kids 4 to 5 Years Old

30-Minute Class

Ms. Libby focuses on learning kindergarten skills with this group of big kids! The class sings songs together and then sharpens their gross motor skills with dance time. Many of the dances and games for pre-K children enhance educational skills: letter recognition and sounds as well as number recognition and value.

Ms. Libby is always ready to adjust learning if concepts are too easy! In that case, the kids will also be introduced to early reading, addition, and subtraction. They will also learn early music theory: rhythm/melody, instrument recognition, and pattern sounds. Learning is so much silly fun with Ms. Libby! Class ends with a calming activity or a musical book.