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Ms. Libby's Music Class

2 & 3 Jason Ct, Weldon Spring MO

(314) 518-0985

Preschool Music Class (Ages 3 - 5)

Winter/Spring Session 2022

January 31st - April 15th


Tuesdays and Wednesdays

10:30 - 11:00am

Tuesday Afternoons (with Ms. Jenna)

4:30 - 5:00pm

Tuesday morning/evening session dates:

February 1st - April 12th

(no class March 15th)

Wednesday morning session dates:

February 2nd - April 13th

(no class March 16th)

FREE TRIAL classes are January 24th - 28th,  Same time as your session class!

Daycare owners hire Ms. Libby to teach music class at their schools, but she also offers the same music class for your child!

At the studio, Ms. Libby will teach your Preschooler many different concepts through a fun music enrichment class! Classes reinforce concepts such as colors, shapes, letters, numbers, as well as beginner music concepts like slow/fast, quiet/loud, and stop/go. Music makes learning more fun!

Ms. Libby and the kiddos start by singing well-known songs together with the guitar. Then it's dance time! Educational dance songs help friends to learn about concepts like rhythm vs. melody and enhance both fine and gross motor skills. After dancing, Ms. Libby will lead any number of musical games that teach concepts such as shapes, colors, letters, numbers, or the kids will learn beginner musical concepts playing instruments. They will also learn early music theory: rhythm/melody, instrument recognition, and sound patterns through fun games.

Class ends with a musical book or a calming activity. Kids love music class!

Register for Preschool Music Class

Pay for the session


$12 per class, Siblings receive a 20% discount (separate button on sign-up page). Full session fee due on the first class. Payment options listed on the sign up page.